Career opportunities

The Master of Science in Environmental Assessment prepares graduates for a wide range of positions in environment and natural resource management sectors.  Graduates will demonstrate an advanced level of understanding in the various aspects of economics, social science and environmental science on which integrated Environmental Assessment and sustainable development is based.  Students are mentored by experts from both the public and private sectors who have extensive knowledge of Environmental Assessment and its application to real world situations in Canada and internationally. As a result, graduates are well prepared for opportunities in diverse fields of employment. Broad fields include:

  • Wildlife and endangered species protection;
  • Oceans and sustainable fisheries management;
  • Forestry and sustainable forest management;
  • Climate change assessment and adaptation;
  • Mining exploration and energy production;
  • International development and aid programs;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Public policy and governance;
  • Private sector environmental consulting firms

Post-study Student Employment

Graduates from the EA Masters Programme have been successful in finding employment in the various dimensions of environemntal governance. Past graduates can now be found working in the Government of Canada, provincial, municipal governments, NGOs, the financial services sector, as well as other diverse fields of employment. The following quote from a previous graduate highlights the inflluence that the programme can have on career development and opportunities post-graduation:




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