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Development and Implementation of an Environmental & Social Policy for Shelter Afrique (2009-10)

Shelter Afrique is a regional housing finance institution established by African governments and the African Development Company. Shelter Afrique is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, and is dedicated to investment in housing and urban development in African countries. Shareholders include 42 African countries, the African Development Bank, and the Africa Re-Insurance Corporation. Its mandate is to provide financing by way of debt, quasi-equity and equity to both public and private institutions for housing and urban infrastructure projects in its member countries. The company commenced active operational activities in 1986 and has since funded a number of small and medium sized projects with loan amounts averaging about US$1.4 million per project in over 25 of its member countries.

Team: Mark Curtis (Principal) with Bill Kennedy, Michel Bouchard and Gordon Hickey




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