Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1.   Can I begin this programme in the fall session?

The EA programme only has one start date per year, in January. The next application period will be open in the spring of 2010 for admission to the programme in January 2011. The application deadline is the same for Canadian and Non-Canadian citizens. Online applications can be found at http://www.mcgill.ca/applying/online/ and all supporting documents should be forwarded to the Environmental Assessment office.

2.   How much does the programme cost?

Please see http://www.mcgill.ca/studentaid/cost/ for a breakdown of fees for graduate studies at McGill. Please keep in mind that the fees listed are for one year (2 semesters) of full-time studies. As this programme spans three consecutive semesters, you will need to multiply the total cost by 1.5 times.

3.   What kind of financial assistance is available for this programme?

At this point in time, there are no internal scholarships to which students in the EA programme are eligible. We therefore highly encourage applicants to look into external funding via their own governments and/or external funding agencies. Please be aware that students will have an opportunity to earn a part-time salary via TA-ships, and may have an opportunity to earn a salary during their internship semester.

4.   If I meet the minimum requirements, will I automatically be accepted into the programme?

No, not necessarily. This is a highly competitive programme with more applicants than there is space for students. Applicants are ranked based on their previous academic and professional experience. Those accepted are the most highly qualified. The 2010 cohort had place for 8-10 incoming students, and 2011’s should afford room for 10-12 new students.

5.   What if I’m an international student?

Given the international scope of environmental assessment, this Master’s programme is committed to graduating students of all nationalities and of both genders. Equal opportunity and an equivalent number of spaces for both Canadian and non-Canadian applicants is ensured.



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