About the Centre

The approach of the McGill-UNEP Collaborating Centre towards capacity building for integrated policy design and sustainable development implementation follows from the university mission of teaching, scholarship and service to society. Long-term commitments in capacity building involve the training of graduate students from around the world through thesis research and fieldwork in areas relevant to sustainable development goals. Such activities can embrace both policy and practice, taking place at the university and through fieldwork in developing countries. Findings are published and training manuals for use in developing countries are produced. Networks of specialists and experts from outside the university and from affiliated institutions in Canada can be fully utilized.

Our Vision

Integrating sustainability science, economics and policy for global resource management.


Currently the only one of its kind in North America, the McGill-UNEP Collaborating Centre on Environmental Assessment is committed to:

  1. Offering environment-related education and scholarship, training, research, and fieldwork in concert with its partners;

  2. Advancing UNEP learning materials and approaches to environmental protection and greening economies;

  3. Promoting best practices, objectives, and the benefits of environmental and integrated assessment by organizing and hosting advanced seminars, workshops and colloquia in conjunction with UNEP’s Network of Institutions for Sustainable Development;

  4. Furthering the integration of environment and sustainability issues into existing economic and trade policies;

  5. Developing novel approaches to assessing the environment and sustainability-related implications of international development;

Ultimately, it is through the development of an international network of trained experts that the Centre will create a foundation for advancing these objectives.



McGill-UNEP Collaborating Centre on Environmental Assessment
Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

McGill University
21, 111 Lakeshore Road Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC CANADA, H9X 3V9